MyTube Player

Andriod 3.0+


MyTube Player is an all-in-one hub combining the most important video, music and social sites together. You can use it to access with a single tap video sites such as YouTube, Vine, Veoh, Ted, Godtube and popular music sites such as SoundCloud, Shoutcast plus up to 57 more sites.

Instead of having 57 different apps installed to access those sites, you can install only one and still get access to the content you wanted in the first place. No need to install a separate Youtube app or an audio app such as SoundCloud, just get MyTube Player.

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Product Description

The app has a very easy to use interface with only 3 tabs for Videos, Music and Social. In each tab you can see the sites grouped by their category and a simple tap opens that specific site embedded in the app (you don’t need to have a 3rd party app installed).

Here are MyTube Player’s main features:

  • Easy video access. With MyTube Player you get 1-tap access to over 33 Video services. You can watch popular videos from Youtube, Vimeo, FunnyOrDie, Meta Cafe, Vine and many other “tube sites” from a well organized video site dashboard. Any popular video site is in this list and you just need to tap on that particular service to open it embedded in the app – just as easy to close it if you want to.
  • Music sites. Aside the video sites you get quick access to every major music site or service. Listen to music from SoundCloud, Tunein, Shoutcast even MTV without having to type in their website address. Just one tap and it’s there. Right now there are over 21 music related sites included, so all the major players are in here.
  • Social channels. Want to have quick access to your social accounts? With MyTube Player you get that too. There’s a section where you can quickly access Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram with more to be added in the near future.
  • Useful tools. MyTube Player can be used for more than just entertainment purposes. It includes quick access to the BING Translator to easily translate phrases, it can be used to find and start live tv channels and even to give you more details about movies via IMDB, right from the app.
  • Free & Secure. The app requires some permissions to be able to give quick access for almost 60 sites but it is secure and doesn’t share any of your information. Furthermore it is free and doesn’t include any in-app purchases. It only displays some occasional ads.

If you want to have access to all your favorite entertainment sites without opening a browser page for each then you need MyTube Player, free on Google Play.