My Quik Vid: Video Editor

Wynntech Apps LLC
Android 4.1+


My Quik Vid not only allows you to quickly record a video and edit it, but you can easily upload it simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

My Quik Vid is an ideal video app for anyone from casual video creators to professional vloggers. It’s as simple as recording your video, applying professional filters to it (including a mesmerizing slow motion effect) and then sharing it to multiple video networks.

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Product Description


You can see a quick presentation of it here:

Main features:

  • Multi-platform video sharing. My Quik Vid can upload your video simultaneously to multiple video sharing websites. One tap to share your video to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Ideal for anyone from professional vloggers to casual users.
  • Amazing video/photo editing. My Quik Vid includes professional editing options that will let you trim videos, insert/rotate text, add watermarks accelerate or even add slow motion effects. A professional editing studio in your pocket!
  • Quickly record and preview. You can quickly record a video or load one from the gallery and preview it before or after your advanced editing. Same goes for images, you can snap photos or use ones from your gallery to work with.
  • Easy to use. My Quik Vid is incredibly easy to use, as soon as you’ve started it you can begin recording a video and edit it, or load one that’s already created.
  • Multi-language support. Easily switch between different supported languages and have the interface localized in your desired language.