Mr Rabbit’s Alphabet Adventure

Mr Rabbit's Alphabet Adventure

Mr Rabbit’s Alphabet Adventure

- January 28, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up +


“Mr Rabbit’s Alphabet Adventure” is an educational game that helps kids learn the alphabet while playing a fun game. The game has a puzzle side as Mr. Rabbit has to travel through a maze to find the letters he needs so not only it helps children practice their alphabet but also trains their puzzle-solving skills. 3D environment also stimulates spacial orientation.

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Product Description

Here’s what makes this game a perfect fit for kids:

  • Pronunciation exercise. Each collected letter is loudly pronounced by an enthusiastic voice of a child who enjoys playing the game, thus your child is encouraged to practice spelling it too.
  • Alphabet maze. The entire setup is a labyrinth where each letter opens another door and a particular set opens the path to a more difficult level.
  • Carrots, carrots, carrots. While collecting letters is the main goal, carrots are important as they add time for allocated to complete the level. Time limit is not increasing difficulty of the game, but is there to promote concentration of the goals.
  • Great play environment. The game has bright colours and beautiful environments that will attract kids like carrots attract rabbits and to top it all has an enthusiastic soundtrack to match the design.


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