Moddy: Social Wallpapers

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Andriod 4.0.3 and up


Meet Moddy a social wallpaper app that allows you to surprise friends or family with a fresh wallpaper when unlocking their phone or tablet. Your parents always ask for more photos of their beloved nephew?

Put a smile on their face every day by automatically setting their wallpaper with a new photo! Found something inspiring? Share it with your friends to brighten their day as well!

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Product Description

This is the power of Moddy, it helps you put a smile on the face of your family or friends:

Here’s how Moddy revolutionizes smartphone wallpapers:

  • Snap, modify and surprise! With Moddy you can easily share personal wallpapers with close friends & family. Just snap a photo and it will automagically be set as a wallpaper for those that befriended you.
  • Explore the Moddy universe. The explore tab will show wallpapers and pages from other users based on the interests you’ve picked. See details about users/pages and start following those you’re interested on.
  • Interest-based updates. The app’s main dashboard gives you quick access to see all the updates from pages you follow. Images are shown in a continuous stream or can be viewed per Page.
  • Create your page. Create your own page where you share photos you’d like everyone to see. Once users follow your page they’ll receive the wallpapers you send out. You can publish one image every 6h to avoid spamming others.

We’re a new dev studio and Moddy is our first app release! We tried to create an app that makes people smile and Moddy does that with its innovative instant wallpaper sharing concept. It’s great fun to be surprised by your friends and family with a fun photo when you unlock your phone!