Missiles Impossible

Missiles Impossible

Missiles Impossible

Gamer Vice Studios
Android 2.3+


Missiles Impossible is an Arcade game where you must fly a plane through an endless wave of targeted missiles.

Use clever evasive maneuvers to dodge the missiles and collect power-ups to try and survive longer. Strap on your seat belts and prepare for take off! See just how impossible it is to play Missiles Impossible!

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Product Description

Main features:

  • Endless gameplay, in theory. The rule is simple, fly your plane away from missiles and survive for as long as you can. The missiles never stop coming, so it’s a matter of WHEN not IF your plane is destroyed.
  • Collect Power-ups. Follow the visual guides to pick-up important power-ups. From speed-ups to temporary shielding, these will help you survive longer.
  • Dozens of planes. More than a dozen of planes you can unlock, each more powerful than the other. Collect in-game coins to unlock planes with better speed & steering.
  • Easy Controls. Controls are dead easy, just use a central joystick to change direction and a lot of skill to avoid missiles. Coupled with a great Arcade design & sound, you’re in for a fun ride!
  • Leaderboards. Connect your Google Play account and access the online leaderboards to see how well you did against other players. Challenge your friends to see who’s a better pilot.