Mirage: Illusions

Illam Software Entertainment
Android 4.4+


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Product Description

Bend the laws of physics with mind-bending puzzles! “Mirage: Illusions” is a minimalist perspective illusion puzzle where the law of physics change according to your perception.

Guide a block to the finish line with simple movement controls, and change the camera angles to discover new approaches when you’re stuck. Enjoy beautiful illusions while practicing your puzzle-solving skills. Play in a relaxation level-by-level mode or change the pace by playing puzzles with time constraints – there’s secrets to discover too!

You can see the game in action in this quick demo:

Main features:

  • Mind-bending Puzzles. Try to reach the finish in as few moves as possible while solving truly mind-bending puzzles. The law of Physics are adjusting according to your perception, so rotate the camera to discover the best solution.
  • Different play modes. You can play the game in Relaxation mode to solve 30 puzzles that gradually increase in difficulty. Head on to Endurance for a time limited play and ultimately start the Time Trials to see how fast you can solve puzzles while gathering medals.
  • Easy controls. “Mirage: Illusions” has 4 types of controls so more than enough to fit your needs. Use virtual buttons to control the player & camera or combine controls with swiping to make it more interesting.
  • Achievements & Leaderboard. More than 16 different achievements for you to unlock & gain experience points. If your score is high enough for a level (or a play mode) see how it compares in the worldwide leaderboard.