Minipedia UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
- December 4, 2014
Andriod 4.0 and up +


Yes you can! Minipedia is an app for Android that lets you access Wikipedia offline right from your smartphone – its iOS version surpassed 0.5 million downloads already and hopefully the Android version will follow. Given the size of the Wikipedia database sure it’s more of a mammoth in your pocket, but the idea is the same, with Minipedia you get access to up to 250.000 articles based on popularity with a finger tap. Minipedia employs an algorithm that selects only Wikipedia’s most frequently accessed articles for its database, minimizing storage requirements.

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Product Description

Minipedia is a fast and simple way to access Wikipedia articles using your Android smartphone without a network connection. Here is what you get by installing it:

  • Offline access. No Signal? Don’t worry, no matter where you are with Minipedia you’ll have a whole encyclopedia right at your fingertips.
  • Relevant. Our algorithms select the most important articles based on country, popularity and time ensuring a high hit-rate even with a small amount of articles.
  • Search as-you-type. Searching for articles is extremely fast, as soon as you type the first letter you will see the first matches.
  • Share articles. Found a share-worthy article? Quickly share it use the quick share button to send it to friends.


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