MindPills: Relaxation and Mindfulness

MindPills: Relaxation and Mindfulness

MindPills: Relaxation and Mindfulness

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MindPills is the mental solution for initiating positive change in awareness. It will help you permanently to reduce tensions, as well as finding new energy and inner peace.

Mindpills is a podcast app with professional recordings that help users relax, relieve stress and ultimately increase their quality of life.

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Product Description

We live extremely top-heavy times due to the hustles of everyday life that constantly put pressure on us. Each handles pressure in a different way, and more often than it should some alleviate those with pills of different kinds.

Mindpills is different and provides “virtual pills” for your mind to help you relax. With its professional audio recordings it helps users go back to the initial field of energy of peace of mind and self-healing. The effect and the relaxation will increase with each application, so you can be more effective and things start running smoothly again.


  • Meditation Podcasts. MindPills includes professional recordings on a wide range of topics that help you relax, relieve stress & ease pain, and ultimately increase the quality of your life.
  • Minimalist Design. The app features a material design style, as soon as you start it you can play the podcast with a simple tap. Its minimalist style helps you focus on the audio played and induces relaxation.
  • Offline Use. MindPills includes multiple HQ recordings, from short relaxation & pain relief, to deep relaxation and self-confidence boost. Once played, these audio recordings are available offline.
  • Multi-language. The audio recordings are currently available in German, Swiss-German and English, with more languages to follow. The recordings include professional voiceovers in the chosen language.

Mindpills is a free app and helps you drift into a relaxation phase quickly, whether you are at work, home, sports or wherever you need it.

Here’s a few situations when Mindpills helps you:

  • MIGRAINE HEADACHES SHORT AND INTENSIVE. When there’s a beginning tension in your head or when pain is starting, a targeted relaxation of the head is achieved with this meditation. It interrupts the emerging symptoms of headache and migraine. The intensive meditation podcast will lead you in a deep relaxation when you have starting or existing aches in the head area. The self-healing power will be enabled and the symptoms reduced or stopped.
  • ABDOMINAL PAINS SHORT AND INTENSIVE. When you suffer pain in the abdomen, usually an additional tension takes place which produces pain on top of that. This meditation focuses on the relaxation of the abdomen. The intensive relaxation mediation is ideal when in a state of exhaustion, experiencing a burnout, convalescence, general pain reduction or for recreation and (re-)activation of the immune system and self-healing power.
  • SELF-CONFIDENCE. Self-awareness and self-confidence are the essentials for more acceptance in the environment. We can achieve much more by a self-confident manner and the corresponding inner serenity. This inner strength is part of the own resonance and as well as part of the environment, which perceives and accepts this. MindPills helps you to have faith in yourself and to change your awareness!
  • 21-HEART MEDITATION. With the 21-heart meditation you will make a positive change in your life! With a new YOU, your positive resonance will improve not only your life but also your environment permanently.

You can read more about the app on the official website of its developer: Apps with Love.