MedsApp: Medical Chat

MedsApp: Medical Chat

MedsApp: Medical Chat

Eros Innocenti
Andriod 4.2+


MedsApp is a niche messaging app focused on the medical field. Using it, doctors all around the world can connect with each other and initiate chat discussions based on dozens of specialties.

More than 400 doctors already use it to discuss and exchange valuable medical information. As the app allows multimedia messages too, they can easily ask for second opinions from other doctors, share or ask advices. The app requires phone verification thus it will only allow real users to connect.

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Medical chat app. MedsApp is an instant messaging app that connects medics around the world and allows easy chat discussions. Select the topic and easily send rich text messages or reply to other medics.
  • Multiple medical categories. MedsApp has an exhaustive list of over 31 different medical categories (Emergency, Cardiology, …) each with its own list of discussion groups based on subjects. This way each doctor can easily initiate discussions based on his/hers specialty.
  • Create & manage groups. You can create discussion groups and easily manage those. A list of participants will be shown for each group and you can join discussion groups created by others too.
  • Manage user profiles. MedsApp will allow each doctor to create their own profiles to show extra information (i.e. photo) and even link it to Facebook or Linkedin. This way you can use the app for networking with other doctors.

MedsApp features a clean interface with a material-design look that focuses more on usability and its actual core functionality, medical discussions.