Mazing Penguin: Labyrinth Runner

Mazing Penguin: Labyrinth Runner

Mazing Penguin: Labyrinth Runner

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Android 2.3+


Mazing Penguin is an Arcade game where you must help a cute penguin go back to his home in the South Pole by escaping intricate labyrinths. Play through dozens of levels spanning over various worlds, from thick forests to the South Pole.

Discover secret passages, break walls and try to escape intelligent bears while collecting coins for upgrades.

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Product Description

Controls are very easy, the penguin marches slowly at first and over time speeds up to the point where it slides very fast. You can see the game in action here:

Main features:

  • Labyrinth-escape gameplay. Help Matt, a cute penguin, escape from beautifully crafted 3D labyrinths. Just tap in a direction to walk, run or slide but be careful to avoid AI-driven bears that attack you.
  • 3D Graphics. Every labyrinth is manually designed and has a dynamic 3D view. Zoom in and out of an area and decide where to go. Enter secret water passages, avoid obstacles that slow you down and find the exit.
  • Multiple worlds & levels. There are dozens of labyrinths that span various areas depicting cities of Europe, oceans, forests and the South Pole. Earn up to 3 stars for each completed level and advance to the next.
  • Power-ups. Your penguin has 3 speeds: walking, running and sliding. Collect coins and watches throughout your journey and try to avoid obstacles that slow you down.
  • Upgrades. Using collected coins purchase shoes that make you faster, hard hats & helmets to break walls or get an expanded map to view more areas.

Mazing Penguin is accompanied by beautiful classical music that makes the game suitable for players of all ages.