Mazata Super Search

Mazata Super Search

Mazata Super Search

Andriod 2.3 and up +


“Mazata” is an app that revolutionizes the way users search and find information on their smartphones. Doubtful about this? Here’s a video that shows how using Mazata you find information much faster than using Google:

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Product Description

The core of this technology is Mazata‘s unique Search Usability Layer algorithm. It processes the list of links derived from the Search Engine and instantly pre-downloads the web pages behind those links. The user skips the conventional list of links, landing directly on the actual web pages. With a simple swipe, the user instantly moves from one site to the next.

Here are the features that make Mazata the next big thing in search:

  • Blazing fast. Finding information from your smartphone with Mazata is much faster. The time you spent to get from one result to the next is in average 3 times shorter than using a traditional search application such as Google’s
  • New search experience. Search with Mazata is much more enjoyable than the traditional link approach
  • Meta search application. With Mazata you get the best results from the 2 top search engines: Google and Yahoo
  • Two search modes. If the Mazata search is too speedy for you, there’s always the Classic mode you can use to get search results the old fashioned way
  • No ads. Only actual results.Best of all? Mazata is available for free and ready to provide you with a new search experience.


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