Mask Privacy

Mask APP
- April 9, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up +


Mask is an app dedicated to protect your smartphone privacy by hiding or encrypting applications, files, pictures, photos and video clips.

To reverse the process and unprotect these, you will only need to enter the gesture-based password to access them. Mask is the perfect privacy app to prevent rogue spy apps from accessing your sensitive data or in case your smartphone gets stolen.

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Product Description

Here are its main features:

  • Desktop Replacement. You can use Mask to have two different desktop spaces, a regular one where non-protected apps and data are accessible and a privacy one that can be accessed only with a password.
  • Hide Apps. If you want to hide some of your important apps (i.e. finance, email apps) simply add them to your private space and they’ll be hidden.
  • Encrypt Media & Files. Your photos and videos can be encrypted right from your camera gallery. The media items or files you encrypt will be removed from the original location and can only be accessed from the private space.
  • Private Cloud. You can synchronize your private data with Dropbox and thus have a private cloud for backup purposes (that can be accessed from other smartphones with the same Mask account).
  • Gesture Board. With Mask you can activate gestures and use them to lock your screen, switch Wi-Fi, add widgets and many more (including accessing your private data).


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