Mammoth Gravity Battles

Mammoth Thoughts
August 1, 2015
Android 2.3 and up


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Product Description

Remember the old Arcade Gravity Wars? Or maybe the more recent WORMS ARMAGEDDON series?

Mammoth Gravity Battles fits within that style of turn-based strategy shoot-out games but pushes things even further by featuring fully three dimensional gravity. The idea is you’ll control a ship and you must aim and shoot at other ships. The catch is that the game takes place in outer space; everything you shoot is influenced by the gravity of stars, planets, asteroids or other celestial objects.


  • Campaign Mode. There are over 60 different missions in single player mode that range from targeting asteroids/planets to defending convoys or destroying bases.
  • Multi-Player. If single player mode is all about campaigns, multi-player is all about battles. Up to 4 players take part in chaotic space battles, using one device, so this is a great way to settle a dispute with friends.
  • 2D or 3D Challenges. You can battle others either in a simpler 2D layout or in an insane 3D layout where you’d need the gravity calculation skills of a NASA scientist to hit targets.
  • Lots of Weapons & Battlefields. Each space battlefield is procedurally generated thus an infinite number of possibilities. You also have access to 16 different weapons, from classic cannons & rockets, to deadly frag grenades.
  • Interactive Environments. You can interact with the 3D environment by destroying planets or fragmenting asteroids to have the tactical advantage over your opponents.

Mammoth Gravity Battles is available for a small fee on Google Play.