Loq: App Lock Tool

Loq: App Lock Tool

Loq: App Lock Tool

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Android 5+


Get your life back with Loq!

Loq is an app locker that can help you keep your phone addiction in control and increase productivity/concentration by locking out distracting apps. Keep your (or your kids’) phone usage under control by selecting which apps to lock and for what days/times. Increase self-control and stop procrastinating by reducing phone distractions.

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Product Description

A patent-pending technology will prevent you from using the locked applications so there’s no chance to cheat. However, if you are willing to accept a penalty you can still use an app for 1 minute by paying a small fee or watching a video. With a Kid Mode included as well, Loq is the perfect way to keep your life under control.


  • Stay focused. Loq helps you stay focused by allowing you to lock out apps that might decrease your productivity. Easily lock the top 20 most used apps or individually lock them one by one.
  • Set and forget. You can block apps at specified time intervals or for a particular period of time (i.e. days). Useful when you have certain times where you need to focus on work/study or spend family time.
  • Usage penalty. Apps that are locked cannot be unlocked unless you pay a penalty fee or by watching a video. This will help you keep your phone addiction under control and increase your productivity.
  • Kid mode. You can use Loq to control how your kids use their phones too, and for that reason it also includes a PIN code that you can set to prevent them from changing settings.
  • Dashboard. You can have an overall view on what apps are locked via a central dashboard. This way you’re always in control over your apps and also gives you a quick way to add a new lock.