LoLA: League of Legends Stats

LoLA: League of Legends Stats

LoLA: League of Legends Stats

Android 5+


Need help in becoming a PRO League of Legends player? With LoLA you’re one step closer into improving your League of Legends game plays.

It is one of the most comprehensive game analysis apps that offers detailed insights on everything League of Legends’ related. Get realtime stats of the games played, your League position, ranking, win rates and other key stats.

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Product Description

LoLA also offers information about various world regions of LoL (10 regions currently supported) and acts as a knowledgebase hub for information pertaining to LoL Champions (their strengths, weaknesses, stats and much more).

Main Features:

  • Real-time LoL Statistics. LoLA offers the most comprehensive real-time statistics of your League of Legend matches, your mastery level of champions and much more. If you want to become an LoL PRO player, LoLA is a must to analyze your game play.
  • Localized Information. LoLA uses the official Riot API to get access to your League of Legend data. Thus it will offer in-depth details and solutions to issues that happen in your own region (10 most popular regions supported, from America to Europe).
  • Played Games Timeline. With LoLA you get access to a timeline of played matches. This can be useful to analyze who killed which champion, who placed which wards, who destroyed what tower/dragon and more. Use this to improve your play or brag to your friends.
  • Champion Knowledgebase. Knowing yourself is a key to victory! LoLA gives you direct access to knowledge of your favorite champion, from their tales of war to particular stats such as power, solitude, vengeance and more. This helps you in setting up a win strategy.
  • Download Skins. Do you like any of the champions so much that you’d like to use their “skins” (figuratively speaking). LoLA lets you download skins of your favorite champion and of any champion you choose with ease. Be it Classic Braum, El Tigre Braum, Dragonslayer Braum or one of many others, LoLA got you covered.