LocPoint.de: Easy Location Sharing

LocPoint.de: Easy Location Sharing

LocPoint.de: Easy Location Sharing

Gunnar Daehling
Android 5+


Have you ever tried sending someone GPS coordinates over the phone, with all those characters, commas and cardinal directions?

That’s definitely prone for errors, and this is where LocPoint steps in. It’s an app that lets you generate unique identifiers for every location on Earth in easily transmittable format (6 groups of digits).

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Product Description

Simply start the app, then use the integrated map to search for a location and generate an identifier for it. You can also convert any LocPoint identifier to a Google Maps marker. GPS coordinates are also shown for each location. LocPoint doesn’t require an active Internet connection, as long as your device has an active GPS sensor.

Main Features:

  • Unique Location Identifier. LocPoint.de provides a unique identification number for every location on Earth in a simple 6-group digit format. It doesn’t use any cardinal directions, signs or commas in the location, thus it’s easier to transmit via phone, or other means.
  • Automatic Conversion. As soon as you open the app it will automatically convert your detected location into a LocPoint area code. Conversion works offline too, as it uses the GPS sensor of the device. This way you can easily add a marker based on a location and share it.
  • Google Maps Integration. LocPoint comes with an integrated map and each location you convert can be displayed as an editable marker. The map can be displayed with an active Internet connection, and you’ll also see GPS coordinates for each location.
  • Export/Send Data. The data packages resulting from the LocPoint query can be sent via SMS, WhatsApp or Email. You’ll only have to start that particular app to see the location identifier. You can also export the data during the trial.