Liven Wallpaper

Skytrend Solutions Inc
Andriod 4.1+


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Product Description

With Liven Wallpaper you can add amazing effects to your EXISTING wallpapers and transform them into live wallpapers. You can add particle effects, colorize your wallpaper, add night effects and even create an automated shuffling wallpaper.

Liven Wallpaper is the perfect solution to transform boring static wallpapers into dynamic live ones. It supports multiple wallpapers at once too, and for each of those you can define different effects.

Main Features:

  • Liven wallpapers with Particles. Spice up ANY wallpaper from your homescreen with beautiful animated particles.
  • Add Filters. No matter the source of your wallpaper you’ll be able to color it by applying color filtering. 8 different filters can be applied, from Black&White, Bloom, Rich to cool effects such as Vintage.
  • Night time Stars and Effects. Transform your wallpaper in a beautiful night sky or constellation! You can select one of 5 available star effects, apply a desired opacity & intensity and enjoy an amazing night-themed wallpaper.
  • Master your Wallpapers. Liven Wallpaper allows you to associate an action to run when you double-tap on the wallpaper. You can shuffle existing wallpapers and each wallpaper can have its own different settings. You can also change filtering, use new particle effect or night effects.

You can unlock all the beautiful effects for just $1.99