- March 24, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up +


LingosMio is an app that uses advanced teaching methods to help users learn languages faster.

LingosMio isn’t an app that makes you repeat phrases/words, but it is actually based on the European framework of languages and enables you to learn a foreign language step by step. With LingosMio you learn the language, not just the phrases.

Unlike other apps, it will engage you in conversation very early in the teaching process as talking is the fastest way to learn a language.

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Product Description

Here are the features that make LingosMio a reliable language learning method:

  • Offline access. LingosMio doesn’t require an internet connection once it was installed on your device, as everything is downloaded.
  • Online courses. While the Android app lets you install Spanish (for now, more to be added), the web app has support for additional languages, Hindi and Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Interactive learning. LingosMio teaches the framework of the language allowing you to create your own sentences. It doesn’t force you to memorize words or phrases like most other learning apps.
  • Focus on learning. Most users that want to learn a language have problems with conversations. LingosMio goes a level higher and helps you understand the actual thought process of the language. This way users can practice what they have learnt through conversations.

LingosMio, through its Android app and web application, offers an integrated solution for learning a language, faster than via other methods. An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching, that’s the motto with LingosMio and that’s why it is focused on conversational skills.


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