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Lathe Worker

August 11, 2016
Android 4+


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Product Description

Lathe Worker will let you mill custom-made products in your own personal lathe machine manufacturing shop. With incredible 3D details you’ll be able to see the unique shape take form in a dynamic 360-degrees view. Simply select the workpiece you want to work on, choose the knife you would like to use and start cutting, it’s that simple!

Main Features:

  • Lathe simulation gameplay. Pick a material to work on, set it on the lathe and start milling it to carve your own unique artifact. Enjoy the fun of milling without the actual risk of getting injured.
  • Realistic milling physics. Lathe Worker features realistic physics movements as you control the cutting knife’s advancement in 2 different axis. You’ll see the shape take form as the material is spinned.
  • 3D Graphics. You have a 360 degrees view of the work area with the possibility of zooming in/out. The artifact you create dynamically takes a 3D shape as the knife advances and you can save & share your creation.
  • Customizable knives. You can pick one of 8 different knife shapes depending on what you want to create and also choose 3 different widths. Thus enough customization to create an unique shape.
  • Unlockable themes & surprises. You can unlock custom lathe themes (i.e. Rusty, Ice, Lava, …) and also surprise shapes that you can re-create.