KRIG! Caveman Rescuer

KRIG! Caveman Rescuer

KRIG! Caveman Rescuer

Gallcorp Enterprises LLC
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


“KRIG! Caveman Rescuer” is an epic prehistoric infinite run and dodge adventure. KRIG is a lovable caveman who spends his days hunting along with his prehistoric partner, KRELDA. After a beautiful day fishing, to KRIG’s surprise and heartbreak, KRELDA is kidnapped by a big nasty Dinosaur! It is now up to you to help KRIG rescue his love.

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Product Description

You will fall in love with the characters and enjoy countless hours of fun-filled entertaining gameplay by installing “KRIG! Caveman Rescuer”. Here are the game’s features that will draw you in to join KRIG’s epic prehistoric adventure:

  • Travel deep inside a cave to reach a Dino’s den, while enjoying great graphics and easy gameplay
  • Set off on a heroic prehistoric adventure where KRIG must run and dodge falling rocks to advance
  • Collect bones to help KRIG on his quest
  • Catch falling fish from the stream above for energy
  • Players are rewarded with comic-like scenes that advance the story
  • Use the collected fish to buy power-up, such as the ability to speed-up, freeze rocks or destroy them


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