Farseer Games
- December 13, 2014
Andriod 2.3 and up +


“Krashlander” is a fun, innovative game with a unique control mechanic.  It features a ski jumping hero that has to save the planet from invading alien robots by actually crashing into them. “Krashlander” is a physics powered game that will have you blasting down large mountain slopes and soaring over gaping crevices in your fight to take back the world.

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Product Description

Krashlander – Ski, Jump, Crash!

Here are some of the features that make “Krashlander” addictive to play:

  • Unique physics-powered touch controls with a very fluid feel once you master them
  • Skill-based gaming and a simple minimalist design
  • Crazy rag-doll crash effects for both the kamikaze ski jumper and the alien robots
  • Get started as a novice ski jumper then challenge yourself as an elite skier


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