Kommen: Schedule Uber Taxi

Kommen: Schedule Uber Taxi

Kommen: Schedule Uber Taxi

Kommen llc
Android 4.1+


Want to schedule Uber for other family members? Do you need to schedule Uber in advance for an airport or train ride? Or simply want to save precious time and avoid waiting dozens a minutes?

That’s where Kommen comes in, as it allows you to schedule Uber rides in any place where the service is available. Simply select your pickup date/time, select your pick-up address and wait for your Uber ride notification when time comes.

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Product Description

Kommen gives you full control as you can cancel your scheduled Uber anytime and it also comes free of charge so you only pay for your regular Uber ride.

Main features:

  • Easily schedule UBER rides. The regular Uber app only supports scheduling in select cities. Kommen overcomes that obstacle as it allows you to schedule Uber rides EVERYWHERE Uber is available for free.
  • Set your Date Pickup & Location.  Kommen will automatically detect your location but you can schedule an Uber ride in advance by simply choosing the desired date and location (from and to).
  • Pre-book different UBER products. Kommen supports pre-booking UBER X, UberGO, Uber Black, UBER Select and UBER pool. Other products (like UberXL) are currently under development.
  • Log-in with UBER. Kommen doesn’t require any registration as you can simply login via Uber and just give it the necessary permissions. You don’t even need to have the Uber app installed.

Kommen is currently available only for Android but an iOS version is in the works.