King of Raids

Android 2.3+


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Product Description

Bring light in a world of Darkness! In King of Raids you have to put on your best gear and start the most intense hack-and-slash adventure yet! Enjoy a classic RPG gameplay style as you use your character to explore enemy-filled dungeons. Fight epic Boss battles and pick up loot to improve your abilities.

Never get bored as each new level is a completely different dungeon. Enjoy beautiful retro graphics with pixel art and customize your character to suite your needs. You can get a glimpse of its gameplay in this demo:

Main Features:

  • Hack & Slash RPG gameplay. King of Raids features a classic RPG gameplay. Choose a hero and start adventuring into dungeons slaying enemies, gathering loot and suiting up various gear items.
  • Suit up Legendary Gear. As you slay (lots of) monsters you’ll pick-up epic armor and weaponry that make you more powerful. Train to master different weapon types and abilities.
  • Raid Dungeons & Fight Bosses. Each level consists of a randomly generated dungeon, thus always new & mysterious. You’ll have to fight against powerful Bosses, avoid traps and unlock rifts.
  • Get high … on the Leaderboards. Connect your Google account to access the worldwide leaderboards and compete with others in Greater Rifts. Challenge your friends to an epic RPG battle.
  • Pick your Mode. From Easy to Insane, you can pick a play mode that suits your RPG abilities. The harder the play mode, the more XP you get but the greater your chances of dying are.

King of Raids is a delight for RPG-genre fans as it retains the classic gameplay with retro graphics and a matching epic soundtrack.