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Product Description

Looking for a short-term memory booster? Kids Memory is a game that lets users practice their short term memory by pairing up matching cards, 2-by-2. While its graphics and theme make it more appropriate for kids, it’s actually a game for all ages as long as you like card pairing games and want to improve your short term memory.

Memory is like a muscle, thus the more you practice the better it gets. Memory games are very important, especially for kids that are growing up. “Kids Memory” is the perfect choice as it is educational but also challenging and fun. You can see it in action in this quick demo:

Main features:

  • Memory Practice for Kids. “Kids Memory” is the perfect memory practice game for kids (and not only!). All cards are laid face down and the goal is to turn them over 2-by-2 until all matching pairs are found.
  • 4 Difficulty Modes. Depending on the player’s age, the game can be played in Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert mode. The easy mode has only 3×2 cards, while Expert goes as far as 6×4 cards thus up to 24 possible matches.
  • 16 Different Topics. Each cards are themed based on what’s chosen before the game starts. There are 16 different topics, from Animals to Sports, Cakes or even Space.
  • Cute Graphics & Sounds. The game is designed to be kid friendly with joyous colors and a cartoon-ish theme. Cards are beautifully designed with hand-drawn like graphics, and the game is accompanied by excellent sounds.