Jumping Car

Wicked Media ApS
- September 8, 2014
Andriod 2.3 and up +


“Jumping Car” is a high-speed car action game, that urges you to crash.

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Product Description

In “Jumping Car” the goal is to crash into as many cars as possible, trash as many bushes as you can and molest every single flower in your path to get the highest score possible. On your way you will encounter stones, barriers and even water that you need to avoid by driving around it or jumping over it with your cars.

“Jumping Car” is free and is difficult enough to make it challenging and addictive, while offering cool features such as:

  • Easy controls, swipe up to jump over obstacles, down to brake, left/right to move sideways (similar to those in Subway Surfer)
  • Turbo speed items that boost both your car speed and the score while driving under the influence (of speed)
  • Daily/all time high-score leaderboard
  • Awesome action soundtrack
  • Cool cars that you can smash up real good.


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