Jumping Jack’s Skydive

AppVant Garde Studios
Android 3.0+


Ready to skydive… virtually? Meet Jumping Jack’s Skydive, an unique Arcade game where you must help Jack fly down after each plane drop without hitting any obstacles.

The skydiving adventure spans over 50 challenging levels and if you think that’s little there’s also an endless mode where you skydive for as long as you can.

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Product Description

Your main goal is to guide Jack as he jumps out of the plane and drops through crazy and unbelievable obstacles. From jumbo planes, hot air balloons, blimps, helicopters to drones, birds, spaceships and even UFOs, the possibilities of landing safely are slim. For a quick glimpse of its gameplay just watch this demo:

Main Features:

  • Skydiving gameplay. Using simple left/right swipes you must help Jumping Jack skydive to the landing spot in one piece. Avoid numerous crushing obstacles (i.e. birds, planes, drones) and deploy the parachute at the exact time to finish a level.
  • Dozens of levels. Jumping Jack has 5 different play worlds each with 10 levels. From the busy city sky to the desert, ocean, forest and ultimately space, you’ll experience a beautiful and fascinating environment.
  • Pick your skydiver. Collect purple orbs in your way down to unlock 4 unique skydivers. No matter the character, the game’s controls are super responsive and smooth.
  • Multiple play modes. By default only Arcade mode is unlocked, and you advance from one level to another through 50 different levels. If you collect enough purple orbs you’ll be able to unlock the Endless Arcade gameplay mode.
  • Beautiful art style. Jumping Jack’s Skydive features an unique, fun & elaborate design. Each level is particularly crafted to make your gaming experience unique. Accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack, all you need is skydiving skills.

Jumping Jack’s Skydive is available for free on Google Play so one tap away from an unique digital skydiving experience.