JotBlue: Fast Notetaking

JotBlue: Fast Notetaking

JotBlue: Fast Notetaking

A Quick App LLC
November 27, 2015
Andriod 3.0 and up


JotBlue is the fastest note-taking app because it comes with an innovative quick-add method. Simply add a letter from A to Z before your note and JotBlue will automatically store and categorize that note according to an existing mapping link that’s easy to remember (i.e. A=Appointment, B=Buy, C=Call, D=Diary, E=Expense …).

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Product Description

Here are the main features of JotBlue:

  • SMS-to-Note. Do you often text yourself with notes? JotBlue doesn’t change your habits, it builds on those! Every time you’ll text yourself a note JotBlue will smartly capture and deposit it into the correct folder or list. JotBlue’s novel way of saving notes will boost your productivity and revolutionize the way you interact with them.
  • Record Breaking Speed. JotBlue comes with a widget with the five most common note tabs (Buy, Call, Number, List and To Do). All you have to do is open the widget, enter your note, hit the desired destination tab and hit enter. It is that simple. Entering a note other than those five? Just simply enter the desired letter that corresponds to the folder/list, enter your note and hit enter. Can’t think of which folder to send your note to? No problem, don’t use any corresponding letter and your note will go into the “All” folder. Here is an example: Want to add bananas to your Buy list? Add your note as “b bananas”. Want to add a note to pay Mike? Add “p Mike”. Keeping track of your expenses? Add “e $25 gas”.

Weather you enter your notes via SMS or the widget, your notes will be waiting for you in the JotBlue app, all neatly organized in alphabetical order. There you can view and manage your notes (edit/copy/delete/share/export) and of course enter new ones.

Just think how long it takes with your current note-taking app to start it, find a category, write a note, enter its details, saving & closing the app. With JotBlue you’re done with one text. Or a tap on a widget. It’s that simple and the best proof is to try it yourself for free from Google Play.