Jack the Miner

Ravindra Krishna
Android 4.1+


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Product Description

Jack the Miner is a robot sent on a far away alien planet to mine important resources. Just keep drilling while collecting precious cargo and sell what you mine to buy upgrades and power-ups.

The better Jack gets, the deeper it can go to discover expensive resources. Careful though, as radioactivity and other dangers will reduce its health. Enjoy a thrilling mining adventure as you can quickly visualize in this demo:

Here’s what makes Jack the Miner an addictive game:

  • Addictive mining gameplay. Use your robot to mine for more than 12 different precious resources on an alien planet and bring that back to the surface to sell. Upgrade your robot to go deeper and get more precious cargo.
  • Dozens of missions. Your goal is to mine as much as possible and exchange those for money to use on upgrades. There are more than 50 missions to complete, from collecting your first rare gems to reaching unimaginable depths.
  • Upgradeable gear. Visit the station bay to buy upgrades for your fuel tank, cargo case, drill, engine, chassis and cooler. The more powerful your gear, the deeper you can drill & find precious items.
  • Collect power-ups. From the Resource shop you can buy power-ups such as teleport beacons (to travel instantly between 2 points), fuel/repair packs, seismic charges and boosts. While mining you’ll also discover fuel power-ups and other goodies.
  • HD graphics. Enjoy beautiful HD graphics and use a map to route your way through the alien world. From a carefully crafted robot, to incredibly detailed gear, everything is pixel-perfect.

Jack the Miner is available for free: