Ivan. First adventure.

Ivan. First adventure.

Ivan. First adventure.

Stepchenkov Sergey
- May 20, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up +


This game is for adventure fans and those that love platformers such as Mario Bros! Ivan, a simple manager, is bored of his work and wishes an adventurous life. So one day he decides to leave and arrives on an unknown island where his first adventure begins! Ivan must sneak across the sands and mountains to visit the secret caves and overcome meadows.

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Product Description

The game “Ivan. First adventure” is very similar to the famous Mario game, and incorporates all the excitement of the game and 8-bit design. Movement between levels takes place on a map of the island, where in addition to the levels themselves are special bonuses and “Bosses” that will (if he wins) you extra special items.

In the game you will come across the cookies, candy, cakes, fruits that generate from 1 to 4 points, gaining 100 points you get a treasured life! There are bonus items (cubes hidden under the symbol!), Such as egg – increase growth or gives an extra life, the drug – the ability to throw fire, hammer – throwing hammers, pen – kick tail and flight.


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