Infected Zone

Loco Games Studio
Android 4.0+


Infected Zone is a zombie survival adventure game with RPG elements and incredible post-apocalyptic graphics. An unknown virus turned people into zombies with only a handful resisting the disease. You are one of them and you must survive while trying to find a cure.

Build your base and help your hero evolve while trying to fight off against zombies and other abominable creatures. Every decision you make can change the storyline so be sure you think twice before starting a fight or exploring the vast map

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Survival & RPG Gameplay. Infected Zone combines the thrills of a survival adventure game with the character development of RPG games. Start with a hero and evolve as you build a base, learn to survive and fight zombies.
  • Four Characters. Pick a hero from 4 available ones, based on the different attributes they have (i.e. Strength, Skill, …) and their talents. Each hero has a different storyline and overall there are more than 20 game endings.
  • Build your Base. You’ll need to collect materials, scavenge for supplies, research cures and craft new items as you build your base. That’ll be your sanctuary where you can rest and recover, thus you must protect it at all costs.
  • Explore your World. A huge map for you to explore and collect loot while engaging in turn-based fights against zombies and other threats. Take text-based decisions and influence the storyline.
  • Post-apocalyptic Graphics. Infected Zone features intense post-apocalyptic graphics with incredible cutscenes. Just play it well enough to climb the Leaderboard & unlock Achievements by starting side quests.

Infected Zone is much more than a regular zombie-killing game, as it introduces the survival mode and has RPG elements. With a huge map to explore, dozens of different storylines, side quests and puzzles, you’re in for hundreds of hours of gameplay. Can you survive?