Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzle

Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzle

Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzle

Zabaron Games
Android 4.1+


Ever played a numbers’ puzzle game that is so simple to play yet almost impossible to win? Meet the Impossible Nine, a puzzle game that will challenge your mind and sharpen your logical thinking while you slowly fall for its addiction.

Start on a 5×5 board with only 2 numbers’ blocks and slide incoming numbers in such a way to group 3 or more. This increases the block number and the ultimate goal is to reach a 9. Much more difficult than it sounds!

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Product Description

If you liked 2048, Hexic box or other number puzzles, you’ll love the Impossible Nine. The only downside is that you’ll get addicted to reaching a high-score, but your brain will love you for it.

Main features:

  • Re-imagined 2048 Gameplay. In Impossible Nine the goal is very simple, combine 3 or more blocks with the same digit to increase it by +1. Even if lower numbers are easy, reaching 9 will require incredible logical and strategic thinking.
  • Different game modes. Start playing in regular mode and try to reach 8 or even the impossible 9 to unlock Daily Challenges or the Zabaron mode.
  • Simple and fun design. Impossible Nine will get addictive and hook you for hours, but it was designed in such a way so that it doesn’t tire your eyes. Its design is beautifully crafted to help you focus on the gameplay.
  • Leaderboard. Connect with Facebook to compare your score with your friends, or share your achievement with other worldwide players. Can you get into the 10% top players, or even 1%? Practice is King!