Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles

Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles

Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles

Mondo Digitale
Android 4.1+


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Product Description

Bored of playing the same easy puzzles? How about playing Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles that will really challenge your mind. This game contains a collection of 72+ jigsaw puzzles that are very difficult (almost impossible) to solve, as they are based on abstract images.

The Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles is not yet-another-collection of animals/flowers/landscape puzzles, it’s actually an unique collection of thematic abstract images. You can see it in a quick demo here:

Here’s what makes this game unique:

  • Abstract jigsaw puzzles. Each puzzle is beautifully crafted based on abstract imagery to make the puzzles difficult to solve. More than 72 puzzles to solve, using various themes from dots and lines to colors and patterns.
  • Multiple play modes. You can start solving Easy puzzles with 16/25/36 fixed pieces or advance to the Hard play mode for more difficult ones. If you’re up to it, the Impossible play mode features up to 64 puzzle pieces that can rotate.
  • Beautiful design. The graphics feature a minimalist style with the focus strongly on the puzzle image. All the puzzle images are a carefully selected to provide both a great visual experience and a true brain challenge.
  • Brain training experience. Before starting to solve a puzzle you can see briefly the complete image before all pieces scatter apart. You’ll have to practice your visual memory & puzzle solving skills to reconstruct the image.

“Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles” is available for free on Google Play, so one tap away from a challenging puzzle experience.