Image Rush

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Android 4.0+


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Product Description

Want to put your puzzle solving skills to the test? You can do it with Image Rush, an image puzzle game that perfectly combines puzzle-solving with visual memory skills.

Image Rush is a very simple yet unique gameplay that requires wits to solve 1000+ image puzzles. The goal is to try and solve each puzzle as fast and with as few clicks as possible. A perfect time killer with simple game mechanics and beautiful imagery.

Game features:

  • Image puzzle gameplay. Image Rush features a simple image puzzle gameplay where the goal is to match mixed image jigsaw pieces to form the full image. Puzzles grow in difficulty as you advance and unlock new game modes.
  • Multiple game modes. There are (currently) 16 different playable game modes each with its own unique twist. Start with regular jigsaw image puzzles and advance to twisted effects or various shapes.
  • Thousands of levels. Each of the 16 game modes has dozens of levels, each with 5 difficulty settings. All these combinations result in more than 1000 different image puzzles.
  • Power-ups. As you advance through levels you’ll be able to gather View power-ups. When you are stuck in a level, you can use these powerups to uncover which jigsaw pieces aren’t yet a match.
  • Beautiful images. There are various images used in puzzles from beautiful lights, aquariums or fruits to landscapes, beautiful views or abstract images. Coupled with real-time animated effects you’re in for a visual treat!