Hypnotic Recordings

Steve Wichett
Android 4.0.3+


Feeling tired or stressed? A quick 15-minute hypnotherapy can help you relax and Hypnotic Recordings is a free Android app that helps you do just that.

The app is a collection of hypnosis recordings that offer a gentle and effective way to relax your mind and body. An ideal way to recharge your mental powers in a spare fifteen minutes no matter where you are.

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Product Description

The collection was created based on the latest psychological approaches and modern methods of inducing hypnotic trance.

Main Features:

  • Free Hypnosis recordings. Get quick access to free hypnosis recordings. These will help you relax your mind and body using progressive relaxation suggestions and gentle, soothing background music.
  • Advanced hypnotherapy recordings. If you are looking for more you can unlock deeper and more profound hypnosis recordings (i.e. Deep Trance, Deep Sleep,…). These provide an ideal way to relax while spending only a few minutes.
  • Play sample or full recording. For each recording you can play a sample and “preview” a recording before starting to listen it in full. Each recording can be easily started and stopped.
  • Simple interface. Hypnotic Recordings through its nature tries to help you relax thus its interface is kept to a minimum. This will help you quickly start listening without browsing through complicated menus.

Hypnotic Recordings is available for free on Google Play, with some of the recordings available as IAP.