Huck It: Freeride Skiing 3D

Mystic Media
Andriod 2.3+


Huck It is a next-generation realistic 3D freeride and racing ski game designed as a detailed virtual recreation of Utah’s most rugged alpine ski resort. Whether you’re pulling an extreme trick off a cliff with a 50 foot drop or racing at top speeds, the addictive downhill freeride and racing gameplay make “Huck It” a must-have.

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Product Description

Here are some of the features that make it the most impressive ski game on Android:

  • Realistic Physics Engine. Designed to recreate the feel of actual skiing, there is no button mashing to gain speed. It’s a game of angles—locate the smoothest downhill route to increase your speed. This added element of strategy dramatically enhances the realism of an already encapsulating world.
  • Freeride and Racing Modes. Pull sick tricks then race to the finish, “Huck It” offers the best of both worlds through multiple levels and tiers.
  • Extreme Weather Conditions. Like in real skiing, you must battle the elements: visibility, snowstorms, harsh winds, and more!
  • Innovative Controls. Tilt to control your rider and use the game’s innovative digitized joystick control scheme to pull sick in-air tricks.
  • Multiple Customizable Riders. Choose your rider then equip them with top-of-the-line jackets, pants, and performance enhancing skis to pull the best possible score and enter the social media integrated leaderboards.
  • Snowboard Bonus Round. Emancipate big air with the most honest president in US history in this 2D scroller bonus game.

You can experience its realistic gameplay here:


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