eSlime: How To Make Slime

eSlime: How To Make Slime

eSlime: How To Make Slime

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Do you want to learn how to make slime correctly? Are you looking for new cool and amazing DIY slime tutorial app?

eSlime has more than 100 free and easy recipes with step by step tutorials and videos about how to make magical and amazing homemade slimes. It includes the most famous sime recipes: slime without borax, fluffy, crunchy, transparent slime, without glue,…

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Product Description

As an extra, the app includes recipes for celebrations, seasons, parties, etc. Celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Halloween with our exclusive and seasonal slimes explained step by step.


  • Ingredients list. To make slime as indicated in the recipes you will need some basic ingredients such as starch, glue, baking soda and water. Depending on the recipe you choose you will also use white or transparent glue, cornstarch, glitter, confetti, food coloring, sequins and all kinds of beads. In the world of slime there is nothing written!
  • Exclusive Recipes. If you are looking for a way to make easy, fast and safe slime, in our app “How To Make Slime: Easy, Fast & Free Guide. eSlime” you will find all kinds of recipes for your kids with many combinations: with/without borax, with/without glue, with toothpaste, shaving cream, contact solution, detergent… ALL slimes are completely FREE. Try it and enjoy a family day with your children making the best slimes. Learning and playing with this toys is a very fun experience where you will learn to do your own homemade experiments together with the kids.
  • Featured Recipes: Fluffy Slime (Cloud, Unicorn, Galaxy…), Slime without Borax (Iceberg, Clear…); Without Glue (Magnetic, Ice…); And Many More… (Elastic, Glitter, Gold, Rainbow…).
  • Tips and tricks. The app has tips and tricks to make homemade safe slime DIY with solutions for how to make slime less sticky, more or less consistent depending on the ingredients used. Everything in a quick and easy recipes because the app helps you with how to make slime videos, step by step tutorials and teaching the exact amounts of each ingredient and activators.

The app has homemade slimes recipes for kids, beginners, adults, advanced…

With many ingredients adapted to all where Glitter stands out to make them cool and brighter than ever and shaving cream to make them more fluffy.

You should know that all the slimes of the app can be made without borax or glue but none of our recipes is valid to make edible slime. Also isn’t a slime simulator.
We assure you that you won’t regret seeing our exclusive recipes. Surprise your kids and friends!

The app is completely free. You don’t lose anything by trying! Why buy slime if you can make it at home (DIY) free, easy and fast?