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Andriod 2.3.3+


The app helps users quickly book any worldwide hotel from 100,000 international destinations. Just enter a specific destination, checkin/checkout dates and get all the relevant hotel listings with individual details. You can also search for hotels near your current location and the app will use your GPS info to show where you can stay.

HotelsFX does more than help you find a suitable hotel, it also lets you compare them to discover the best hotel deal you can benefit from.

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Quickly Find Hotels. The HotelsFX app helps you find hotels near you or in any worldwide location of your choice. Just enter a location and you’ll see all the hotels in that region with pricing and detailed information. Sort or filter the results to choose what fits best.
  • Exclusive Deals. HotelsFX partners with various worldwide hotels to offer exclusive deals. With over 100,000 international destinations, there’s always an awesome hotel you can get a great deal on by booking it via the app.
  • Book Reservations. Each hotel shows pricing information in your own currency and detailed information (i.e. facilities) with reviews from other previous customers. You can easily book a room and either pay directly for the reservation or only when you arrive there. You can call customer support 24/7 directly from the app to manage reservations.
  • Create your Profile. You’ll be able to create an account with HotelsFX and once signed-in you can store payment details, see past/current booking and easily add new hotel bookings. If you’re preparing for a trip, you can archive hotel listings to compare their pricing and offerings.

HotelsFX is available for free on Google Play.