Casey Baker
- January 11, 2015
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


“Halodrox-Drone Apocalypse” was modelled off old-school arcade style top down shooters, Halodrox features nine thrilling levels of aerial madness that prove to be a true test of speed, precision, and dexterity. The game is accelerometer enabled allowing you to move, shoot, and aim all with just one finger.

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Product Description

Halodrox breathes new life into old school arcade style shoot em’ up games. Maneuver through all nine levels of Halodrox as alien drones get faster, smarter, and more aggressive each level. Gain points for shooting down alien drones and blowing up droxbombs, use powerups to gain the upper-hand in aerial combat, and catch payloads from friendly aircraft to upgrade weaponry packages. Be careful, every enemy you don’t kill deducts from your score so be strategic in the risks that you take! Can you survive the alien drone apocalypse and be the first to beat Halodrox?

Here are the features that make Halodrox a perfect choice for Arcade enthusiasts:

  • Unique Powerups- Shoot down parachutes and catch mystery packages to start the ‘powerup lottery cycle’. The game includes five main powerups; Missile Assist, Slow-Motion, Double Kill, Extra Life, and Quad Kill.
  • Weaponry Upgrades – Catch 3x and 4x weapon packs dropped from friendly aircrafts to increase your bullet type and spray package.
  • Multiple levels. Nine thrilling levels that test your reflexes while enjoying a true Arcade gameplay, graphics and sounds.
  • Accelerometer control. Halodrox allows you to move and aim by tilting your phone from side to side (with adjustable tilt sensitivity in settings).
  • Online Leaderboards. See how you stack up against the rest of the world by checking the online leaderboards, assuming you have a noteworthy score.


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