Guilty Birds

Square-K Studios
iOS 6.0 +, Android 4+


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Product Description

In Guilty Birds you must help Perseus fight back against an angry flock of rogue birds. Use your sharpshooting skill to help him crush the evil birds and their allies by firing arrows with your longbow. Shoot with precision to destroy the charging birds, evil eggs & an array of creatures that are allies of the birds.

Unlock powerups & bonuses and keep an eye for that health bar to avoid getting crushed as those birds fight back with all their strengths. This is a glimpse of the fun that awaits:

Here are Guilty Birds’ main features that will captivate you:

  • Addictive Gameplay. Guilty Birds keeps you engaged in a continuous arrow shooting mode. Use your bow to shoot the never-ending horde of birds and dodge their fearful fire breaths. The controls are dead simple as you just tap, hold and release to shoot, but the gameplay gets INSANE.
  • Great Graphics. The graphics have a cartoon-ish look and a story unfolds as you help Bowman Perseus fight the evil feathered attackers. With a fast-paced soundtrack you’re guaranteed a blast!
  • Powerups. Luckily, you can unlock power-ups using the in-game earned coins or combo bonuses. Shoot multiple arrows at once, powerful diamond or fire arrows and even freeze the winged pests. Just keep an eye on your arrow & health counter, as game ends when those run out.
  • Achievements. Progress through the game, complete objectives, achievements to unlock challenging enemies, charging birds, evil eggs. Unlock special challenges that give you access to mini-games where you slice the birds with a sword or shoot them with bullets. The mini game challenges are nothing but extravagant fun.
  • Social Bragging. In Guilty Birds you can record your gameplay to share it via Facebook/Twitter. Show your friends who is a better birdie archer! With 4 different game modes (from Easy to Insane), there’s always another chance at beating your own previous score.

Guilty Birds is not just a casual game, it a whole saga that unveils as you play it. Are you are up for the challenge of becoming the best archery sharpshooter?