Guardian Race

InsightCube Co., Ltd.
Android 4.0.3+


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Product Description

In Guardian Race you pick a Hero, hatch a Guardian with unique powers and compete against other real-players around the world in a challenging multiplayer running game. After every race, the winners split the loot.

Its gameplay includes RPG elements. Guardians can be upgraded, your hero levels up, you take on quests and access select running races in the League. You can see a quick demo here:

Main Features:

  • Multiplayer Running Gameplay. Compete in a magical running race against other real players. The race is in real-time and you can use weapons, items and even powerful Guardians.
  • Pick a Powerful Hero. Unlock different heroes with powerful abilities that fit your style. You can level-up your hero and become more powerful as you win races and complete quests.
  • Dozens of Unique Guardians. Guardians can be summoned during the running race to help you advance or slow down your competitors. Hatch unique guardians each with special abilities.
  • Gear-up your Hero. Use collected loot to unlock 4 types of equipment: Hats, Capes, Gloves and Shoes. These improve your hero’s attack & defense.
  • Use Weapons for a really Wacky Race. Drop bombs, throw hatches, launch boomerangs or spin like a tornado – everything is permitted in this running game.
  • League Matches & racing with Friends. As you level up you will be able to access League matches with exciting races. You can even create your own guild, or invite & play against friends.

Guardian Race is available for free on Google Play, so one tap away from an unique gaming experience.