Grow Kingdom: Heroes and Monsters

Grow Kingdom: Heroes and Monsters

Grow Kingdom: Heroes and Monsters

Kemal Hayal
Android 8+


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Product Description

Ready for a true tower defense and strategy game with RPG elements? “Grow Kingdom: Heroes and Monsters” is a new mesmerizing kingdom defense game that cleverly combines an RPG game style with tower defense and idle clicking gameplay.

Pick a hero and grow your kingdom while protecting it from hordes of monsters that attack it. Gain coins and use those to upgrade your buildings and add talents to your troops. Grow, farm and sell resources as well as win fights to gain those precious coins. As you play you also win chests that can contain unique items and diamonds/gold.

Even if it features a beautiful 3D world and dynamic action, “Grow Kingdom: Heroes and Monsters” is resource friendly and works smoothly on phones & tablets. You can see it in action here:

Main features:

  • Tower Defense & RPG mix. “Grow Kingdom: Heroes and Monsters” beautifully combines tower defense mechanisms with an RPG gameplay. Defend your town from deadly monsters with your own army, farm for resources and upgrade your kingdom.
  • Produce & collect resources. The game includes a mini-farming simulator as well, as you grow, farm and sell food. You also have a magic lab that produces mana and health elixir.
  • Train heroes & troops. Unlock one of several powerful heroes and upgrade their stats in RPG-style. As you play you win various chests (including legendary ones) to equip your hero with powerful gear.
  • Upgrade buildings & talents. Your kingdom is protected by a wall that must be upgraded to keep up with enemies, as well as your other buildings. You also receive talent points that improve your troops.
  • Change speed & camera views. Since this is a tower defense game at its core, you can speed up the incoming waves of enemies and even play in a continuous mode.

“Grow Kingdom: Heroes and Monsters” is a game of epic proportions: 2500+ enemy waves, 1200+ buildings upgrades, 50+ different troops, 12 heroes with 20+ skills to unlock and much more.