Griddition: Numbers Puzzle

Griddition: Numbers Puzzle

Griddition: Numbers Puzzle

Swifty the Sloth
- June 30, 2015-Everyone
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Griddition is a new form of addition, a challenging numbers puzzle with a hint of Sudoku. The idea is dead simple, you have a grid of up to 10×10 cells and you must fill those with numbers, so that each row and column adds up to the given total.

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Product Description

The gameplay sounds (and is) very simple, yet the puzzles get extremely difficult to solve. Griddition is not only a game you can play in your kill-time moments, it is also a good practice for your brain as it requires some fast logic skills to advance.

Here are some of its main features:

  • Multiple Levels. You can choose the grid size from a 2×2 cell grid to a 10×10 grid, which increases exponentially in difficulty. You can play each grid multiple times so you can play Griddition continuously.
  • Game Builder. You can play the game in 2 scenarios, either the easy one where you make up your own solution for each grid (you have continuous access to the numbers), or the hard way where you must find the correct predefined solution.
  • Themes & Sounds. The game features 8 colour themes (these require IAP) and has sound effects that suit the gameplay. Animations complete the circle of a smooth playing experience.
  • Fun to play, tough to master. The gameplay is very easy, but it’s incredibly difficult to find the correct solution especially for large grids. Your score is measured in how fast you are able to finish a level.
  • Other Tools. If you’re stuck you’ll be able to restart a level and you also have (limited) clues. Finally, you are able to mute sounds while you play & enable vibration feedback.

Play Griddition during those kill-time moments and you won’t regret it.


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