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GO is all about challenging friends, colleagues or family to a reaction speed test. Tap as soon as the game tells you to do so but since every millisecond counts be careful not to tap too fast, nor too slow or you’ll be the loser. You must concentrate to tap exactly at the right time to get the best possible score and beat the others.

No matter if you’re at home or work, now you have the perfect game to help decide who should do the dishes, clean the house or buy drinks. There can be only one so press fast, don’t be last or you’ll suffer the consequences!

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Product Description

Here’s what makes GO a perfect game for fast group gaming:

  • Social challenges. Connect via Facebook and invite your friends to see who can get the best time. Can’t decide who should walk the dog, make the coffee or other annoying tasks? Let a game of GO decide!
  • Create or Join challenges. Is something important at stake and can’t decide who gets to do that? Let your friends create a game and join it to see who wins. You can also create your own game and invite others. Now you have the funniest & most frustrating tool to help decide who’s the loser in a group.
  • Practice your reflexes. GO is a game of concentration and you can practice your reflexes by tapping on a spinning circle at the right time. A millisecond too early and you lose, can you be more accurate than your friends?
  • Material design graphics. The graphics are very simple with a material-design look & feel that helps you concentrate on the game itself. No distracting eye-candy, just what counts!

GO’s main purpose is to HELP decide who among your friends, colleagues (sports or work) or anyone else in a group is the loser that needs to do what others don’t want to. Are you the fastest one?