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GingerSoftware Inc.
May 4, 2015
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Praised by TechCrunch and other important publications, Ginger Keyboard uses patented technology and enables advanced, contextually-aware proofreading and editing that surpass the capabilities of standard proofreading software.

No more embarrassing typos in your text messages!

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Product Description

Ginger Keyboard is the world’s first smartphone keyboard to offer advanced writing tools, including live as-you-type proofreading, alongside standard and advanced keyboard features like word prediction, auto-correct, emoji and swipe typing as you can see in action here:

Here’s a list of Ginger Keyboard’s most important features:

  • Smart. You type faster with Ginger Keyboard since it will take care of your grammar, spelling and punctuation. It also features an advanced text prediction engine that learns your writing and improves in time.
  • Auto-correct. Ginger Keyboard will automatically correct typos so that you can focus on the idea, not the execution. Also, it won’t auto-correct words, instead it will suggest alternatives after you finish writing.
  • Entertain. The only keyboard that allows you to play a quick game (Snake, Squash, 2048) or read news while waiting for text replies.
  • Emoticons. You can add emojis, emoji art and even animated gifs to your text messages or even Facebook statuses. Hundreds of variations to choose from and express yourself. You can also personalize your Ginger Keyboard using one of the available themes.
  • Swipe Typing. Type three times as fast with swipe-like typing. This way you never lift your finger off the keyboard and increase your productivity.
  • Smart Bar. You can access other apps without leaving the keyboard (take notes, create events, send emails, …). There’s also the option of personalizing what apps you can open.

Ginger Keyboard is light-years away compared to other similar apps so improve your productivity by switching to it now.


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