Ghost Squad

Fierro Studios LLC
Android 5+


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Product Description

Ready for the ultimate WarBots battle? Control your own Ghost Squad in an epic 3D shooting challenge where the goal is to destroy all alien WarBots or die trying. Enemies using advanced alien technology have taken control of military and industrial zones, and only an elite military team, Ghost Squad, stands a chance against them.

Your Ghost Squad consists of 6 powerful fighters and you can play with any of them. Collect power-ups from the battlefield if you want to stand a chance against the WarBots. Enjoy a thrilling 3D shooting fight, as you can quickly see in this demo:

Main features:

  • FPS gameplay. Ghost Squad features a first person shooter gameplay where you must destroy all alien enemies before they kill you. Think fast, act faster and shoot all incoming enemies.
  • Multiple warriors. The Ghost Squad is an elite military unit comprised of 6 warriors. Each has different abilities (increased agility, speed) so the more you play the better characters you unlock.
  • Easy controls. Ghost Squad is a pick-up and play game with a 2-finger play mode that lets you easily control your warrior. You can also switch between left-handed and right-handed controls.
  • Powerups. Collect cool power ups to help you defeat your enemies faster. You can receive health packs, speed boosts, Ghost shields, deadly laser blasts and more.
  • 3D Graphics. The game is 3D with stunning military and industrial zones as game arenas and multiple alien robots. Experience great graphics, upbeat soundtrack and sound effects.