Ghost Eradication

Ghost Eradication

Ghost Eradication

October 11, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up


Ghost Escape has some gameplay elements from Arcade classics (Pong, Breakout) but features a Halloween theme and new ideas. Using a movable paddle you control a Holy steel ball that bounces across the screen destroying the un-holy ghosts that try to kill you.

If the ball falls to the bottom of the screen a couple of times you die, so all you have to do is keep it bouncing. Can you do that?

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Product Description

Here are the main features in Ghost Escape:

  • Play Breakout with Ghosts. The play is simple, rows of scary ghosts descend slowly and you must use a movable paddle to bounce a ball across the screen. Hit the ghosts to destroy them while avoiding to lose the ball and the incoming fire.
  • Halloween-ish style. Simple graphics with a Halloween-ish style help you get in the mood for the scary October 31st. Ghosts on screen vary in size and viciousness so better destroy them fast.
  • Multiple Levels. There are currently 20 playable levels (with more to come) that can be unlocked based on experience gathered. Everytime you finish a level you get XP points based on how well you played.
  • Beat your own Score. Your score goes up everytime you kill a ghost but if you combo-shots you’ll get the score multiplier. In the end all that matters is to beat your own best score and access the ranking leaderboards.
  • Get Items. Occasionally items fall down from an item box so if you’re lucky to catch a good one you can extend your life. Careful not to touch the fake ones to avoid a penalty.

Ghost Escape is available for free on Google Play (has in-app purchases) and is just waiting for you to play it on Halloween.