Galaxy of Iron RTS

Galaxy of Iron RTS

Galaxy of Iron RTS

Iron Sky Games
Android 4.0+


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Product Description

Galaxy of Iron is a true RTS space game where the ultimate goal is to conquer the galaxy. Pick one of 4 different races and conquer as many planets as possible, establish colonies for resources, research power-ups to improve your fleet and nevertheless choose a strategy when fighting realtime battles against enemies.

Main features:

  • True RTS Gameplay. Choose one of 4 factions and start building your space empire. Conquer planets, build structures (outposts, mines, labs), increase your fleet, and defend against the enemy.
  • Multiple Game Modes. In Campaign mode you will be able to slowly expand your territory as you conquer and colonize planets, build bigger badder customized fleets, and research power-ups. If you’d like to jump right into the action, choose Skirmish to play as attacker or defender and fight different types of battles (i.e. assault, raid).
  • Multiplayer. Setup a local server and have your friend connect! Just like in skirmish mode, you and your friend will build a customized fleet and then face off in 3 different maps.
  • Unique Artwork & Soundtrack. The game features all original artwork and music for an immersive space RTS experience.
  • Tutorial Mode. Galaxy of Iron is a true RTS thus it has a learning curve. Choose the Tutorial mode to quickly be guided through the game’s elements and see what your fleet is capable of doing.

Galaxy of Iron is the perfect choice for players that love RTS games, though it’s so well structured that it can be played by anyone.