Future Tanks

Extreme Developers
- February 19, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up +


“Future Tanks” is the new go-to game for online tank battles on futuristic maps (Mars, Moon, …). In “Future Tanks” you choose a tank from the range available and you’re ready to go to battle. It’s no ordinary battle, as you connect to our servers and play online in real-time against other players. For each mission there’s a goal and the result is a bonus you can use to upgrade your gear further and advance in ranks. With impressive 3D graphics, “Future Tanks” will allow you to play epic battles in Sci-Fi worlds.

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Product Description

Future Tanks: 3D Online Battle. Just to hook you into playing, here’s only a few of the features “Future Tanks” captivates with:

  • Online battle gameplay. You play real-time 3D online battles against your friends or random players – just drive, point and shoot your enemies!
  • Futuristic tanks. The garage lets you choose from 16 futuristic tanks, from a basic Bulldog B11-A to an advanced Oblivion O-520 (each tank has different armor/attack/speed/firing interval).
  • Upgrades. Buy a better tank or upgrade the properties of the existing one, from its cannon/chassis/reloader to its armor/engine or choose a cool camouflage.
  • Local Leaderboards. See how you rank in your city/area/country or the entire world, based on your score (and play the game often as there are daily bonuses).
  • Futuristic Maps. Currently there are 8 different maps, from the red Mars to the beautiful Crystals Valley or the creepy Avanpost.


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