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Andriod 4.0.3+


Friendz is a fresh new app that helps you stay geo-socially connected with friends & family. Once connected you’ll be able to see where they currently are, who is in your vicinity and get notifications based on your alert settings.

This easily lets you track kids on their way to school, drivers or fleet vehicles, employees in the field and other situations when you need to stay connected.

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Product Description

Main features:

  • Geo-social map. Quickly view which of your friends are around your current location and see where they are calling from before answering. Friendz uses a hybrid mix of GPS, Mobile carrier and WiFi for location accuracy.
  • Social groups. Manage your friends by creating different groups (i.e. Work, Family) and plot their locations on the map. You can add an alarm for the entire group and even get alerts when they’re close.
  • Predefined spots. Create spots for your favorite locations and get notified when group members reach or leave these spots. You can monitor anything such as your office, school, etc… and easily get updates.
  • One-tap connect. Catch up with friends via social applications such as Whatsapp, Viber, Twitter and many others with a single action tap. Or use the regular messaging/calling options to get in touch quicker.

Friendz is more than a simple app, it is a new geo-social experience. With it you’ll be able to stay in touch with those close to you in a more personal way, by knowing where they are and when they’re nearby. Of course all this is optional so you can also disable location tracking, but Friendz is all about geo-social connections.