Focus Shot

Elakerem Games
Android 4.0+


Ever thought about practicing archery? There’s a better way to have fun with archery, by playing Focus Shot. The gameplay is incredibly simple, just shoot arrows at a rotating wooden barrel. If an arrow collides with another game over, if not you advance to more difficult levels.

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Product Description

While the gameplay is easy, mastering each level requires extreme dexterity. With 200 levels (and counting), Focus Shot is the ideal way to have fun while brushing your reaction time. You can see it in action here:

Main features:

  • Archery practice gameplay. Focus Shot goes beyond entertainment, as it helps practice your dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Tap at the precise moments to shoot arrows at the barrel without touching existing one. Tougher than it sounds, when barrel keeps on spinning!
  • 200 challenging levels. Start your pure archery practice adventure with Focus Shot, and by the time you finish all 200 levels you’ll be a master. Each level is incremental more difficult than the previous and it’s manually crafted, not auto-generated.
  • Beat your own time. Each level awards up to 3 stars based on how fast you can finish it. You can re-play each level to improve your time and beat your own records.
  • Online leaderboard. Connect with Google Play Services to share your scores with other worldwide players. See who’s had the best times for a particular level, as well as the top levels players.